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Our Top Diabetes Accessories and Hacks

Type 1 Diabetes Accessories

Let’s face it, living with Type 1 Diabetes is no picnic. But, at least there are some accessories and hacks that can help make it just a teeny bit less sucky. With all the advancements in technology over the years, there truly are some great tools out there that improve the quality of life for the Type 1 Diabetes community. Therefore, the following is a list of our top 10 picks for diabetes gadgets.

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1. Diet Soda Detector-These diet detector strips make for a convenient on-the-go hack for identifying whether soft drinks at a drive-through or restaurant are indeed sugar-free. Very often, servers mix up diet and full-sugar options. The diet detector strips allow you to verify diet drinks without having to accidentally ingest sugar.

2. Insulin Vial Protector-Insulin is like liquid gold, too precious and expensive to see it wasted. That is why there is no worse feeling than when you drop a vial and watch it shatter to pieces on the floor. I am often nervous about glass containers for this reason. This is where these vial protectors come in handy. They help provide some extra insulation in case of accidental drops.

3. Frio Insulin Cooler-The frio cooler is a great way to keep insulin cool without requiring an ice pack. The cooling properties are activated when the pack is soaked in water, then lasts for two days. This cooler is convenient for on-the-go travel and is small enough to even fit in a purse or pocket. I have mentioned this handy gadget on several other posts, as it is so useful for visiting theme parks and long day events out in the sun.

4. Omnipod Stickers-We are personally not using the Omnipod insulin pump. But, for those of you who are, these are the cutest little decals/stickers available to decorate your pod. Each sticker is customized to fit the specific mold of the Omnipod. With several different designs to choose from, it’s a great way to spruce up a medical device and add some artistic expression.

5. Runner’s Belt-For those on an insulin pump rather than injections, a good runner’s belt or spi-belt is especially helpful for keeping your pump in place. There are a lot of kids that use a spi-belt, but we tend to favor a stretchier elastic runner’s band similar to the one below. This one is not bulky and easier to hide under clothing while at the same time, offering plenty of space for additional objects such as glucose tabs, keys or a phone. We find it particularly helpful for our daughter at night when she sleeps to keep her pump secure.

6. Dexcom Overlay Patches-The Dexcom often fails to last for the 10 straight days they supposedly target. However, an overlay patch usually helps to secure it in place and helps keep the sensor on for longer. Recently, we have started ordering straight from the Dexcom website to receive their free shipment of overlay patches. Though you can find some skin tac options on Amazon, we find the Dexcom source works best for us and does not leave behind any skin reactions like we’ve experienced with some. Everyone is different, however. If you aren’t familiar with how to order from Dexcom, here is the website with the order form here. Or, you can find other options here on Amazon below:

7. Medical Alert Seatbelt Cover-It’s great to have medical alert information in case of emergencies. This alerts first responders or any other emergency personnel that you or your child has Type 1 Diabetes. These seat belt covers stay in the car in case of an accident and also include pockets with medical information sheets to add emergency contacts and physicians, etc.

8. Cute Supply Cases-Sometimes you just need a little extra glam in your life . If you have to be burdened by carrying a medical supply kit every where you go, why not do it in style? There are some really cute bags and organizers out there, designed especially with Type 1 Diabetes in mind. One of our favorite sites for diabetes accessories is on the Myabetic website here. When my eyes discovered this adorable leopard print kit in particular, I couldn’t help but swoon! You can find my favorite below on Amazon.

9. Insulin Pen Cooler Cap-In addition to the Frio mentioned above, there is another great and convenient way to keep insulin pens cool for on-the-go travel. This cooler is designed to always keep insulin below 84.2 degrees and is small and lightweight, as well. It does not require battery power to charge, refrigeration or the need for water to activate.

10. Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper-This is such a convenient portable way of disposing of insulin needles without having to lug around large Sharps containers. These clippers safely snip your insulin syringe needles (including insulin pen tips) and stores them for up to a two-year supply. Once the needle is clipped, you can then safely dispose of the rest of the syringe. It also locks and closes for storage, and meets government regulations on proper storage and disposal practices.

That wraps up our list of top 10 favorite diabetes gadgets and accessories. For further resources and posts on Type 1 Diabetes topics, follow me on my Facebook page or subscribe to the blog. Check out more diabetes resources on my Shop page. For more posts that may interest you, continue below:

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