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Traveling to Florida’s Theme Parks with Medical or Special Conditions

Planning a trip to Disney or any other theme parks in Florida? This serves as your handy guide for navigating the top Florida parks with a medical or special need. Each theme park has disability and medical services that function similarly to each other, including a disability/access pass. There are limits on these passes, however, …

Roadtrip with diabetes
Travel Type 1 Diabetes

What I Pack On A Road Trip With Diabetes

Traveling with diabetes can be daunting at times. Our first family trip following our daughter’s diagnosis, I felt a little overwhelmed. I was very nervous, trying to think of everything we might need in anticipation of a diabetes emergency. I spent a lot of time double and triple checking all supplies, nervously calling in extra …

Self-Care Travel

A Guide to the Ultimate Girls’ Weekend in Nashville

Life as a special needs parent can be quite isolating. For several years, I didn’t go many places out with the kids, much less allow myself an outing or trip away from them. That idea was just so far-fetched for quite some time. As moms, we have many responsibilities at home and find less opportunities …


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