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Pretty Makeup Looks for Spring

Spring Makeup Looks

Spring of 2020 is officially here, though most of us are confined to our homes in the midst of the virus pandemic. Even if we are social distancing, at least we can enjoy a little spring weather outside, or perhaps even steal away for a few leisurely walks around the neighborhood. I am an extrovert, so it has been tough not interacting with people daily. However, I am enjoying a little free time at home to play around in my makeup (even if I have nobody around to see it. Ha!) Thank goodness for social media, where I can at least show it off virtually, right?

Even if we’re most likely not going to be able to attend Easter service out at a congregation this year, we may still want to dress up. Therefore, I’ve put together a little complication of fun Spring and Easter make-up looks. Provided below are some ideas for you on how you can rock the soft and feminine pastels colors of Spring.

**Affiliate Disclaimer: This page may include affiliate links where I get paid a commission for some recommendations. However, I only bring you resources that I have personally tried or researched, and firmly stand by them. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn on qualifying purchases.

Purple Eyeshadows

Purple is a staple color of Easter and what better way to reflect the season than with vibrant purple eyes? This look was created using mostly Morphe palettes. The Morphe Plum Pleasers palette is a great combination for those who love working with soft and deep purples. Product details are listed below. You can also find a couple of these products linked below from Amazon.

Product Details:

  • Morphe 35P Plum Pleasers Eyeshadow Palette
  • Morphe 8L Lo-Fi Sculpt and Shimmer Palette
  • Mary Kay Dessert Rose Blush
  • Milani Soft Rose Lip Gloss

Soft Blue Eyeliner

Another look that is perfect for Spring is from the Colorpop Dream St Kathleen Lights Palette. Here, I opted for a little rustic “Twinkle” on the eyelids, then lined the eyes with a pop of blue. “Water Bearer” and “Mermaid Bay” are the perfect tones of blue to use in place of eyeliner to achieve this look.

Pretty Spring Makeup Colors

Products used:

  • Colourpop Dream St Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kiss Magnetic Falsies
  • Mac Whirl Matte Lipstick
  • Tarte Cream Bronzer

Sunset Colors

I Iove these fun colors together that look like a purple sunset, a gorgeous Spring combination. I’m not a huge fan of drugstore eyeshadows/blush palettes, but I do make an exception for the Pro Fusion line. I love their palettes. You get so many fun colors to work with for for very little price. This look was created using an entire face of Profusion makeup (details listed below). Unfortunately, Amazon does not appear to carry any Pro Fusion products. Check your local drugstores and groceries to browse their options.

Products used:

  • Profusion Sultry Eyeshadow Palette
  • Profusion Blush I Palette
  • Profusion Brow Kit I
  • Profusion Dream Matte Lipstick and Liner

Pretty Pink Lipsticks

When I think of trending Spring looks, the first thing that comes to mind is pretty pink lips. I like to keep the rest of the face neutral and soft to allow the color in the lips to pop. Pictured below are two different Mary Kay lipstick colors that are my personal favorite shades of pink: “Pink Cherie” and “Haute Pink”. Each lip is paired with the same Mary Kay neutral colors on the rest of the face.

Products used:

  • Mary Kay Luminous 3D Foundation
  • Mary Kay Brow Tint Brunette
  • Mary Kay Hazelnut, Burnished Bronze, Candlelight Chomafusion Eyeshadows
  • Mary Kay Shy Blush Cheek Color
  • Mary Kay Pink Cherie Lipstick (on the left)
  • Mary Kay Haute Pink Lipstick (on the right)

Pretty in Pink

In addition to pretty pink lips, how about a full face of pink? Provided below is just a simple, every day fresh look you can wear in the Spring, using all very affordable makeup selections. Pink is my favorite color, no matter the season, so I tend to gravitate towards those colors. I grabbed the Coastal Scents Revealed 3 eyeshadow palette off Amazon (you can find the link below) to try out. It’s a nice collection of pinks and purples, fine for everyday wear. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you like to play in versatile makeup palettes like I do. Also, if you are a lip gloss kind of girl, how perfect is this drugstore shade of purpley pink? Product details below.

Product details:

  • Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Palette
  • Rimmel Purple Parlour Lip Gloss

Easter Pastels

Finally, it’s always fun to play around with some Easter pastels on the eyes. This look reminds me of cotton candy, and it is probably the color combination that I will be rocking on Easter Day. The palette “Take Me Back to Brazil” features an assortment of bold, vibrant colors. However, they did include these particular pastels that captured the look I was going for. And, of course, the Easter Bunny costume would not be complete without some fun falsies on the eyelashes. You can find these products linked off Amazon below.

Product Details:

  • Take Me Back to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette
  • Mary Kay Shy Blush Cheek Color
  • Kiss Magnetic Falsies
  • Milani Soft Rose Lip Gloss

I hope you enjoy these looks and have some fun ideas for Easter and Spring. For more tips on all things beauty, style and makeup, check out my special beauty page on the blog and/or follow me here on my separate Instagram beauty page.

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